Monday, May 03, 2010

My Blog is Moving…

I know there are like 2 people (including myself) that actually read this blog, but due to the Spam filters that hate and because of a bit better flexibility found elsewhere, I will be moving this blog to very soon.  My new blog is located at


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Tests Prove: Windows 2008 R2 Much Better for Exchange 2010!

Well, Microsoft has just released a new blog post showing their test results comparing Windows 2008 SP2 and Windows 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010 when under an Outlook Anywhere load.  Lets face it, Outlook Anywhere is the way of the future!  I know for me, I have to be able to work anywhere, anytime, and I don’t want to worry about VPN solutions and firewalls, so Outlook Anywhere is the answer. 

So, how does R2 help you say?  It provides 10 times smaller CPU usage for the same number and type of OA users, thanks how.  This appears to be due to the significant performance improvements made to the RPC/HTTP feature in R2.  And in case your wondering, this should also benefit Exchange 2007 SP3 (when it becomes publicly available). 

Another way to look at this, as pointed out by the Microsoft blog post is that using identical hardware for both OS versions, R2 supported 14,000 OA users, while SP2 only supported 6,500!


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