Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Recover deleted items using OWA

This is an original post from Paul Holmes at Horizons Consulting   

As you may be aware, there is a registry setting which you can set on a workstation to allow you to recover items that have been deleted from ANY folder in Outlook.  That functionality is now available in Outlook Web Access when the mailbox is located on an Exchange 2003 server without changing the registry.  You'll need to be logged on with an account that has access to the mailbox and connect directly to the Exchange server the mailbox is on – not through a front-end server.  Here's a link that you can use to access a user’s recoverable deleted items through OWA.


Where serverName is the Exchange server, userid is the account name, and the folderpath is the folder name or its path if it's a sub-folder.

This will open a web page showing the deleted items in that folder with a recover button to restore the items to the original folder.


Paul Holmes



Gary Cooper said...

Great information Paul!

Alex said...

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