Monday, October 10, 2005

ADModify.NET 2.1 Released

the 2.1 release is finally here. Here is a list of the added functionality:

- Added MAPI user enable/disable (requires Exchange 2003 SP2)
- Fixed bug in variable parser to allow literal /% and /' strings
- Fixed killmail code to include all attributes listed in KB 307350
- Added "Update Email address on General Tab" option for both cmd and gui versions, for
updating the mail attribute when a primary SMTP address is added
- Added wildcard search ability when removing email addresses
- Added "do not remove primary" option when removing addresses
- Added Wireless OMA/UIS/UTD options in GUI

Some of the requested changes did not make it into this build as they would have pushed the release date back even further. Rest assured that these options are still being considered as additions to the tool. Any issues or feedback with the 2.1 release, please email

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