Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Microsoft released Exchange IMF update through WSUS, appearantly to soon

As reported yesterday on Bink.nu...

Microsoft told us a year ago that they would release updates for IMF (intelligent message filter for Exchange) on regular basis starting january 2005, unfortuantly they didn't appear. Last month at IT Forum in Barcelona the Exchange team publicly announced that the IMF updates are updating on Microsoft Update bi-weekly, we immediately checked, but we didn't see an update. We discussed this with the Exchange team in Barcelona, they checked it when they got back and told me they will start appearing half way into December.

Yesterday we got an email from Romain, telling us that an IMF update appeared on his WSUS server. Later when he looked he could only decline the update becuase "the selected update is expired" The good news is, IMF bi-weekly updates are getting close!

See screenshot (Thanks Romain).

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