Thursday, March 26, 2009

Microsoft makes available Outlook 2007 Pre-SP2 Performance update

Microsoft has released (in February of this year) a cumulative update for Office that is a pre-release of fixes due in Service Pack 2. I have been running this for a few weeks now and the biggest changes in this update are these:

Outlook Improvements

  • Improved responsiveness (reduced I/O disk usage and improved UI response time)
  • Decreased Outlook startup time
  • GREATLY improved exit/shutdown time (this one is HUGE since it resolves the issue with Outlook not really shutting down when you ask it to).
  • Improved performance for folder and view changes
  • General reliability of calendar updates especially in delegate manager scenarios

General Improvements

  • Reduced Data File Checks (this is noticed when you see the message "The data file <file name> was not closed properly…")
  • Improved search reliability
  • Fewer duplicate RSS items
  • General security improvements

A full list of improvements and fixes included in this update are available at:

The update is available on request from this site:


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