Friday, January 22, 2010

Newly updated Exchange 2010 Mailbox Requirements Calculator

Microsoft (thank you Ross and Matt!) have released a much needed update to the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Requirements Calculator. 

This version includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Added processor core guidance for Hub Transport and Client Access server roles.
  • Added the ability to define a custom number of databases that you would like to implement in the solution.
  • Added support for 2-node site resilient Database Availability Groups.
  • Added 1 and 6 processor cores as selectable options.
  • Improved breakdown of the activation scenarios in a site resilient solution.
  • Improved breakout of the role requirements section.
  • The Storage Design tab now indicates that when you select a custom RAID configuration that the calculator ignores RAID-5 and RAID-6 for 5.xK and 7.2K spindles due to performance concerns.
  • Updated processor utilization results to show the processor utilization even if it is above the recommended threshold.
  • Made conditional formatting improvements throughout the calculator to warn you when you have a configuration that will not work.
  • Improved various cell comments.

This version also corrects the following bugs:

  • Fixed LUN Requirements tables to accurately reflect space requirements when database copies are deployed as each server may not host all database copies.
  • Fixed conditions that resulted in -1 lagged copies.
  • Improved the active database copies after first/second server failure calculations:
    • We now calculate and expose the worst case scenario (the server that has to host the most active databases) is used in sizing memory and CPU.
    • We now ensure that the secondary datacenter calculations only consider double server failures when there are 3+ HA copies located in the secondary datacenter.
  • Removed maximum memory stipulation in the minimum ESE cache memory calculation.

For more information on this new update:

You can download the update from:


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