Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Download the updated E2010 Mailbox Server Role Calc!

Well, the boys in Redmond (thanks Ross and the soon to be Greg) for another fantastic update to the Exchange 2010 Storage Server Role Calculator!  There are a bunch of fixes in this version since the release of version 3.5.  According to the Version Notes, these include:

Version 3.6 - Fixed Number of Mailboxes per Database (I/O Driven) calculation formula to round down thereby adding additional IO buffer in the max number of mailboxes per database that could be supported in JBOD scenario (Perry Thompson); comment fixes
Version 3.7 - Fixed processor core calculations for secondary datacenter that resulted in error when only lagged copies are deployed; formatting fixes
Version 3.8 - Fixed number of lagged copy server calculation to round (Justin Brown)
Version 3.9 - Fixed required mailbox core CPU calculations to take into account that certain site resilient scenarios result in neither datacenter supporting a single server failure
Version 4.0 - Fixed /DAG LUN Size calculation to calculate based on number of servers and not total number of database copies (Wilfried van Oosterhout)
Version 4.1 - Added better explanation in JBOD scenario when disk selection falls short either via capacity or IO reasons (Jeremy Gagne)
Version 4.2 - Added Restore LUN RAID parity options (Robert Gillies and Rick Shire)
Version 4.3 - Conditional Formatting fixes (Robert Gillies)
Version 4.4 - Added minimum number of global catalog cores (James Reed)
Version 4.5 - Improved formatted capacity calculation formula (Kyryl Perederiy)

Lets just say it is well worth the download!  So… What are you waiting for….

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