Wednesday, March 23, 2005

IMF Enhancements via NEMX

SecurExchange IMF edition extends the IMF by:

  • Allowing any number of thresholds to be defined with different actions for each threshold range. For instance, a SCL rating of 4-6 can be assigned "Quarantine", while a SCL rating of 7-9 could be assigned "Delete"
  • Providing additional actions available to a triggered message.
  • Additional actions like "reroute", "move to any sub folder", "copy to user", "send a message", and others may be assigned. Moving a message to any subfolder does not require Outlook 2003.
  • Allowing different thresholds and corresponding actions amongst different user groups.
  • For instance in a school environment, the "staff" group may have messages quarantined for a SCL range, while the "students" group would have those messages deleted.
  • Automatically or manually allow business partner's messages to bypass Exchange's IMF through SecurExchange's Friendly Domain capability, minimizing false positives generated by the IMF
  • Creating Safe Sender's lists to prevent Exchange's IMF from archiving or deleting messages on the SMTP gateway / frontend server that exceed the gateway 's IMF threshold.

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