Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Live Meeting 2005 Add-in Pack Beta 2

With the Live Meeting Add-in Pack, you can perform conferencing tasks directly from Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio, as well as from Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Office Communicator 2005.

With the Live Meeting Add-in for Outlook, you can:

  • Schedule a Live Meeting from Outlook
  • Identify individual meeting participants as attendees or presenters
  • Send separate invitations for attendees and for presenters
  • Specify default meeting options and override those defaults for specific meetings

Live Meeting Add-in for Office Collaboration

  • With the Office Collaboration Add-in, you can start a Meet Now meeting directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, or Project. The document appears in an application sharing session.

Live Meeting add-in for Instant Messaging

  • If the recipient also has the Live Meeting Add-in Pack installed, you can start a Live Meeting from Windows Messenger or from MSN Messenger.


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