Monday, July 11, 2005

Microsoft Global Contact Access released for Windows Mobile

Previously available internally inside of Microsoft, now this application is available for everybody to download. If you use MS Exchange at work, now you can use it to look up information wirelessly.

Microsoft Global Contact Access allows you not only to look up contact data about specific people - remotely from Microsoft Exchange server but you can also look up availability of given person, i.e. whether he/she will be busy at given time:

With Microsoft Global Contact Access, you can use Pocket Outlook on your Windows Mobile-based Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition to look up contacts in the Global Address List (GAL) on your corporate Exchange server.

You can also check your co-workers' schedules to see if they're free or busy, and add multiple recipients to a meeting request.

Even if you're away from your office you'll have all the information you need to connect with any co-worker in your organization, and send them e-mail or request a meeting.

To learn more or to download this application for your smartphone or Pocket PC click here.

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