Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Managing Free / Busy Folders and servers in Exchange 2003

I noticed that there has been an addition to the Exchange Technical Documentation library with an explanation of how free/busy data is generated.  It's quite a useful addition to your background reading as I can't find much more on the web about it.  The document includes sections on:

  • How do Exchange clients generate free/busy data?
  • How does Exchange store and distribute the free/busy data, and how can you configure servers to provide free/busy support to your clients most efficiently?
  • How does Exchange maintain free/busy data?
  • If you have multiple Exchange organisations, or an Exchange organisation and a messaging system other than Exchange, how does Exchange replicate free/busy data among them?
  • If users who have delegated access to their mailboxes receive error messages related to calendaring and free/busy data, how can you resolve the situation?

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