Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Showing how much whitepace is in your database via script

Glen Scales just keeps pumping out very useful scripts.  This one is designed to show how much whitespace is available in all the databases in the org.  It is great because it also shows the number of Deleted mailboxes being held in the database as well as the amount of storage they are consuming.  This is all available information in the Event log, but it is nice to have it all in one place once the script is run.

When the Information Store maintenance process runs it logs to the windows eventlogs the results of its retention and de-fragmentation operations. More importantly it tells you how much space is held in deleted item retention (and how much it just released). How much space is held in deleted mailbox retention and how much it just released. And finally how much free-space there is in the database after the online de-fragmentation has just run.

So what this script does is query AD for all the mail and public folder stores in your domain. Then it querys each servers event log for 3 specific events that contain the details of the 3 maintenance operations and then parses the result out of that text and displays the result at the commandline. Event “1221” is logged after an online de-fragmentation is run on a mailbox or public folder store. Event “1027” is logged after the deleted item retention cleanup is done and the result of starting and ending size and numbers is logged. Event “9535” is logged after the deleted mailbox cleanup is run and logs the number and size of deleted mailboxes retained and purged.

To identify each mailstore within the eventlog exchange uses a format storagegroup\mailboxstore. This format isn’t stored in Active directory anywhere (easy) so I had to build it from the Active Directory DN path. This should all work fine as long as you don’t have any “,” in your mailstore name (this is going to break the split).

I’ve post a downloadable copy of the script here

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